What is customer experience and why is it important?

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Nov 26th 2020

What is customer experience and why is it important?

26 November 2020, by Gabriella Edwards

At Homed:in, customer experience is important, because we strive to ensure that each and every customer has a positive experience with us from start to finish, whether you are a buyer or seller. Customer experience is the customer’s holistic perception of their experience with the business, therefore, this not only includes the interactions between yourself and the agent, but it is also important that you are satisfied with the other services that we provide, such as, our regularly updated social media platforms, as well as, our informative and easy to use website.

It is crucial to us that we provide you with a unique experience which allows you to focus on the excitement of buying or selling your home, because we know that this should be a special experience rather than a stressful one. Unlike many other estate agents, at Homed:in you will be introduced to an agent which will be your one point of contact throughout the whole process. Therefore, this will allow you to build a relationship with your agent. As a buyer, this will ensure that your agent knows what features you would like your next home to possess, which allows them to introduce you to properties you’ll love. As a seller, this will allow your agent to become knowledgeable about your home inside out and learn about its special features which makes it stand out.

Our agents understand that buying or selling a property cannot be restricted to 9-5, therefore, our agents are available around the clock to handle any queries that you may have as a buyer or seller. Homed:in are not restricted to a traditional estate agent opening times, which means that you can contact us at your leisure. It is critical for estate agents to integrate more modern communication tools into the buying and selling process. To ensure that our communication is effective we ensure that we have a direct line of contact, therefore at Homed:in we offer the use of Whatsapp. This means that we can quickly update you with changes and quickly overcome any obstacles that may occur throughout the day, and you can also receive a quick response to any queries you may have.

To ensure that we effectively market your home, we also use unique marketing techniques. Initially, 99% of property searches start online via property websites such as Rightmove and Zoopla. Therefore, it is crutial that Homed:in use these tools in order to effectively sell your home. Photographs are a brilliant technique as it allows perspective buyers to have a quick glimpse into your home. However, we know that first impressions are important and often photos don’t always portray your home in all its glory, which, could mean that a buyer could be flicking through the photos of their perfect home without even knowing it! Therefore, at Homed:in we use revolutionary 4k video tours which allows perspective buyers to view a property from the comfort of their own home, with commentary from the agent pointing out key aspects of the property. This is an amazing marketing technique which will result in more genuine interested parties which results in a quicker sale.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Read Oli’s 5 star google review: “came to view a property mainly because of the brilliant video tour inside and out – we knew exactly what we were coming to see…we wanted to buy it before even seeing it in the flesh”

Once an offer has been made on your property and you have accepted the sale is still at risk of collapsing until the exchange of contracts. This is because although an offer has been accepted there is no legal obligation for the buyer to purchase the property or the seller to actually sell the property, which means that either party can pull out without repercussions. 1 in 3 house sales or purchases falls through in the UK which is a very high statistic. Homed:in has your best interests in mind, therefore, we are the only estate agent in Sussex which offer an ‘Honesty box’ scheme which reduces the chances of your sale or purchase falling through because it is designed to strengthen the property market and deter ungenuine parties. It works by both parties putting a deposit into an escrow account and held until the successful transaction. Then both parties are eligible for the full remittance of their token value minus the minimal ‘Honesty Box’ fee. However, if the transaction does not go through, then, the party will forfeit their tokens and they will be paid to the aggrieved party.

Homed:in will be by your side every step of the way from helping you sell your home to giving you advice when searching for your new one. The collaboration of having knowledgeable professionals as well as innovative video tours, social media platforms, a direct line of contact, and ‘Honesty Box’ will ensure that your journey with us is enjoyable in every aspect.

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