Becoming a 'Power Buyer' in Today's Hot Market

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Oct 25th 2021

Becoming a 'Power Buyer' in Today's Hot Market

25th OCT 2021: For anyone with an ounce of interest in property, it's plain to see that the UK property market - which has always remained strong in recent years - is showing no signs of letting up now. With buyers outstripping sellers by a factor of 10, on average, estate agents are scrapping for listings and those that are listed usually disappear in a flash.

So, if you're a Sussex buyer and in need of ways to stand out and not be pipped to the post when you next make an offer - what can you do? Assuming you're not living in a cave and have registered with local estate agents and use property portals, read on to find out...!

Here are the HomedIn Helpful 7, to make sure you're first in line, the next time your dream property comes up:

  1. Break. Your. Chain. Of all the tips we could offer up, if we were to pinpoint only one, this would be it. There is nothing more powerful than a buyer who has nothing to sell. If you need to sell in order to buy, then you'll want to complete that transaction and then move into a rented house. Sorry, mum, if that means moving in with you! A chain-free buyer is not only more appealing to sellers, but also estate agents, too. 
  2. Have your mortgage in principle ready. This one may sound obvious, but finalising your mortgage will show sellers that you're serious and ready to do business.
  3. Have chosen a solicitor. And by this, not just someone you think will do a good job. Instead, spend time researching reviews and finding out which ones can move with haste. Similar to estate agents, solicitors don't always come armed with the best of reputations, so it's worth taking heed. HomedIn's partner solicitor are excellent and we always recommend them, to great effect. Get this point wrong, and your seller may well cancel the deal and go with a different buyer if they grow dissatisfied with your sales progression.
  4. Offer on multiple properties. The UK mentality has always been of conservatism - we offer on one property at a time, and stay loyal to that transaction until the end. However, with the market as cutthroat as it is, you want to be equally as tough, and spin multiple plates to buy yourself more time.
  5. Sign up to property email alerts on all the big portals. This includes Rightmove, On the Market and the like. By being first to hear about a new listing, you can also be first through to door to view it. 
  6. Become known and liked by local Sussex estate agents. Don't simply register with them; but build a rapport. We are busy people and want to help as many people as we can. But we're not made of properties and ultimately some buyers will lose out! If you're at the top of our minds, therefore, you'll likely be at the top of our 'to call' list, the moment a property hits our books.
  7. Consider an agent that takes proactive steps to finding properties NOT on the market. For instance, HomedIn's Buyers Agent Service involves our going out hunting for homes from 100s of off market properties, often resulting in homeowners being prompted into a sale they may otherwise have delayed not been rushed into. This service is FREE when you list with us.
  8. BONUS TIP! These 7 pointers will equip you with the best arsenal of attack when it comes to securing your dream Sussex home. A final word of wisdom would be, once you have an offer agreed - COMMUNICATE. Communicate with your agent day in, day out, and pester your solicitor like it's your full time job! Return paperwork the moment you receive it and agree milestones in order to keep your seller happy. 

Homes in Sussex, similar to the rest of the UK, are, at the time of writing, few and far between. But if you're in the market for buying, then you'll want to follow these tips and leverage your competitive market.

Who said moving home was easy!?

Stay positive.


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