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Becoming a 'Power Buyer' in Today's Hot Market

Oct 25th 2021

25th OCT 2021: For anyone with an ounce of interest in property, it's plain to see that the UK property market - which has always remained strong in recent years - is showing no signs of letting up now. With buyers outstripping sellers by a factor...

Want to List & Move by Xmas? Here’s How!

15th OCT 21: Think you can't list and sell your Sussex or Surrey home before Xmas? Think again! Get us round for a valuation and we'll double down to get you shown on Rightmove with expert video and photos. We'll then work out of hours to do property viewings. You need a rapid fire estate agent for the job - and we're just the guys!

Why List your Sussex Home for Sale in Autumn?

10th OCT 2021: We may be buttoning down the hatches and checking the chimney in wait of the cold months that follow, but selling your Sussex property now might be a better option than you think. Fewer vendors means more buyers looking only at YOUR property. Buyer demand is still prevalent. Further, the rush to sell in January would mean you're simply one of many - all scrambling to get sold. At the time of writing, unprecedented house price growth should necessitate a quick sale.

Whether you're in Horsham, Ashington, Southwater, Billingshurst, Cranleigh or Steyning - HomedIn estate agents of Sussex have a spookily good marketing arsenal to get you there! 

Fees Cut in Half for New Vendors

11th SEPT 2021: We're so confident in our service that we'll cut in half our fees if we haven't found our new vendors a buyer within 6 weeks!

Top 3 Things we Get Asked by Sellers when Listing their House

1st Sept 2021: We get asked many things by nervous sellers who want to find out more as they take the plunge to move home; these are the most frequent! Enjoy. 

How did we Sell 4 Homes through Word of Mouth?

24th August 2021:

Video documenting how we sold 4 homes in a row and how each listing came about. How did our Billingshurst listing lead to listing a home in Horsham, then 2 in Ascot? One property led to another - all from simply putting on our best professional display and impressing people along the way! 

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