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HomedIn Offers a Premium Service, but for Less than Other Big Brands

1 Feb 2020: HomedIn was founded on the belief that 'the same can be done, only better'. To that end, we are not a budget estate agent! We do however offer a competitive fee package - 1% for our 'premium' package; or 0.75% for the standard package that you would find on the high street. What do you get for all that? Or what 'don't' you get, more like! A 4K narrated video tour; 24/7 viewings; a Premium Rightmove ad; professionally edited photography; and one point of contact for EVERYTHING! Get in touch today - 01403 597595

New 4K Tours Proving a Hit with HomedIn!

30th Jan 2020: HomedIn never comes up short when it comes to driving viewing numbers and getting 'boots through doors'.

We recently asked 16 buyers during their viewing whether or not: 1.) They saw our video tour for the house they were viewing 2) They thought it was 'good or useful' 3.) Whether or not it formed part of their decision to view the property.

Of the 83% who said they watched/noticed the video, a staggering 90% claimed it was 'good/useful' and 87% said it formed a part of their decision to view the house!

4K video immerses the buyer like no other! Clearly, they help drive your property's viewing performance. Get your own video tour when you list a home with us - 01403 597595 

16/6/19: Price reduced on our 4 SUPER LARGE BEDROOM townhouse in Billingshurst!

10/3/19: Wood Croft Billingshurst

4/10/19: Do we have the Best Terms of Business..?


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