A Guide To Buying A Home Advice In Horsham, Southwater, Broadbridge Heath, Billingshurst & West Sussex

Homed:In Guide To Buying

Homed:In Guide To Buying

We offer buyers a full, thorough and extremely proficient service to ensure that their buying experience is second to none. If you’re a buyer, consider these pointers along the way:

  1. Deposit. A simple yet crucial detail to check is whether you have the required capital necessary to complete on a home purchase. Loan to value (LTV) amounts vary, but you can expect a figure in the region of 10%-25% of the purchase price. Individual lenders may differ from each other, and if you’re a first time buyer you may be eligible for a government scheme to make it more affordable. Check with us, speak to lenders, and research current help to buy initiatives. We are a buyer friendly Sussex estate agent, and are always on call to help. 
  2. Secure your Mortgage. Whether or not you are granted a mortgage depends on a few factors, for example the length time you’ve been working at your current job, or the outstanding credit that you have against your name. If you meet the bank’s preliminary requirements, you will be awarded what is known as a  ‘mortgage in principle’, which is to say that the bank see no reason that you shouldn’t be granted a loan, and that you may begin looking for a property. Homed:In estate agents have a preferred network of mortgage providers - speak to us to find out more.
  3. Making an Offer. Making an offer on your dream Sussex home is easy, all you need to do is tell us your offer and we will submit it to the seller both verbally and in writing. As with everything else, we are totally transparent when it comes to feedback and we will let you know their exact response.
  4. Confirm a Solicitor. If your offer is accepted, then you next need to appoint a legal representative known as a ‘conveyancer’ or property solicitor. They’ll guide you the rest of the way. Speak to us if you would like introducing to our preferred partners.
  5. Exchange Contracts and Complete. Your solicitor will handle the legal process of the sale for you, but during this process you will most notably be awarded your formal mortgage offer and sign a legally binding contract that ties in the sale. At the end, both solicitors exchange contracts before confirming it is safe to ‘complete’, which means finalizing the deal and giving you the keys! The length of time to complete the process varies, but you can expect somewhere in the region of 12-16 weeks normally.


"From what I can make out, James and the team are really onto something with Homed:In. Cutting costs and improving service standards is enough to propel any business forward - and Homed:In do this brilliantly."
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