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Buyers Agent Service

How Do We Hunt
For Our Vendors Onward Move?

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Buyers Agent Service

Instruct HomedIn to sell your beloved home and we won’t just look after your sale – but we’ll also represent you as a buyer, too. We canvass for homes not on the market, using online and offline strategies, and then negotiate on your behalf - potentially saving you £1,000s. Read on to learn more...

Step One

Instruct HomedIn and we’ll become not only your selling agent, but also your buying agent, too.


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Step Two

With your own home advertised, we then get to work by sourcing your onward purchase.


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Step Three

If the property portals don’t have the home of your dreams, we’ll canvass extensively to hundreds of properties not on the market.


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Step Four

Once we have found suitable properties, we’ll then set up viewings on your behalf and help you decide if what we’ve found is right for you.


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Step Five

Once you’ve chosen your property, we’ll draw on our experience by helping you negotiate the price, potentially saving you £1,000s.


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Step Six

With the deal agreed, we’ll be there with you every step of the way to support not only your sale, but your onward purchase, too.


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