Homed:In Fee Share

Homed:In Fee Share

Homed:In Fee Share

Homed:In Fee Share

Homed:In Fee Share is all about Homed:In and other estate agents working together to refer buyers for each other’s properties and work together to generate more business. In a subdued market, agents need to consider multiple avenues to draw in buyers and achieve viewings. Additionally, due to excess property stock, buyers can quickly change their mind about a certain location and recommence their search elsewhere. Fee Share is a proactive approach to getting more viewings with more buyers. 

Here’s How it Works

- The estate agent registers with Homed:In expressing interest in the scheme

- Either agency notifies the other of any new property listing they take on

- The receiving agent calls or emails through to existing or archived buyers, offering the property listing to them

- If a sale results, the referring agent receives a generous referral fee


If you’re a seller, Homed:In Fee Share will generate more viewings of your property and a potentially faster sale. If you’re an agent, the scheme could mean extra revenue, all for the sake of a quick phone call.

What To Do

If you’re an estate agent and may be interested in taking part in this scheme, then simply fill out your name and contact details in the box below. One of us will be in touch to arrange a meeting to check suitability and to explain more about how this could benefit you. 

If you’re a seller, then there’s no need to do anything! Simply relax knowing that you’re in the safe hands of a proactive and dynamic estate agent! Call 01403 597595 if you’ve not yet listed your property with us but may be keen to do so. 

James Bush
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