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Honesty Box Scheme

Protect Your Sale OR Purchase With Honesty Box

1 in 3 house sales or purchases in the UK falls through, don’t be the 1.


The HonestyBox Scheme offers Sellers and Buyers confidence in their property transactions AND in one another!


HonestyBox is designed to strengthen the property market by reducing sale fall throughs, reducing instances of gazumping and gazundering and deterring those who are not genuine about selling or buying from entering the market to begin with!

See How HonestyBox Works Below!


Sale Is Agreed

An offer has been made and accepted on a property.

Sale Agreed

Choose To Use

The Seller and the Buyer choose to use the HonestyBox to secure the deal. Homed:In, your HonestyBox agent, will set up a unique account to protect your deal.

Choose To Use

Account Set Up

Homed:In will set up a unique transaction account and input the type of lock and terms of the agreement. This is done in the secure HonestyBox agents portal.

Setup Account

Agree Terms

The parties agree terms and purchase their HonestyBox tokens. These are lodged in the HonestyBox platform against the transaction as collateral.

Buy Tokens

HonestyBox Protected

The transaction is now HonestyBox protected and the client funds are held securely in Escrow.


Sale Conclusion

Homed:In, your affiliated agent, will update the HonestyBox once the transaction/sale has reached its conclusion.

Update Honesty Box

Result One

A successful transaction means that both parties are eligible for the full remittance of their token value minus the nominal HonestyBox fee.

Result One

Result Two

A failed transaction means the party in breach of the agreed terms forfeits their tokens and the value of this is sent to the aggrieved party. (Inc their tokens).

Result Two

Why Use HonestyBox?

Great Trust, Peace Of Mind, Stronger Chains, Safe & Secure. Speak with Homed:In today to move forward in setting up your HonestyBox to protect your house sale or purchase.

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