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Homed:In Refer A Seller

Homed:In Refer A Seller

Know someone needing to sell their home? Refer them to our locally acclaimed Google 5 star service, and we’ll cut their fees! We’ll also give you £150 cash (on completion) as a thank you.

Simply sign up to our REFER A SELLER scheme below and we’ll email you your own unique REFERER LINK that you can share with anyone, however you like. Anyone who clicks the link will go to a VALUATION REQUEST PAGE with details of the promotion. This page is coded with YOUR ID, so we can send you your PRIZE MONEY OF £150! They can’t get the offer without clicking the REFERER LINK.

Subject to terms at bottom of page.

Just Sign Up Below

Terms and Conditions

  • The above steps must be followed for the offer to be valid for either party.
  • The £150 gift will be dispatched on the day that HomedIn receives payment for the sale having completed. Usually, we receive payment on the same day as the sale completing, but this isn’t guaranteed.
  • We will not issue the £150 payment unless the related sale successfully completes.
  • HomedIn has the right to nullify the offer or agreement at any point, UNLESS the sale completes, in which case we will be duty bound to issue the £150 to the referring party and discount the seller’s fees as agreed.
James Bush
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