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Why Switch Agents?

Switching Agents

On The Market Already?

On the market already and not having much luck? Don't worry, you're not alone! More than half of our sales are with vendors who previously listed with other estate agents, having fallen into the trap of believing 'bigger is better'. Switch to us and we will offer a radically different service – and kickstart your sale back into action. Not only that, but we'll also discount your fee by 15% OFF our standard fee, too! Here's why switching agents may well be your silver bullet!


Diminishing Returns

Your listing has a 'performance curve' that peaks at a couple of months; after which, you become less and less attractive as time goes on.


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Buyers Are Smart

Buyers will have got used to seeing your listing sitting there stale! A new agent brings a new look to your home, making it appear as a new listing.


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Agent Lost Interest

It's human nature for your agent to lose interest in your home and focus more on newer, 'hotter' listings. We on the other hand, would only grow more tenacious!


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Marketing Prowess

Your current agent may not possess the marketing ingenuity that we at HomedIn do. Have they re-taken expert 4K video of your home and covered off social media?


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Perhaps your agent hasn't been accessible around the clock, providing endless support and WhatsApp communication. Switch to a more accessible agent today. Contact us to get started.


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Sale Security

If your sale has previously been agreed but later fell through, why is this? You may want to read about our 'Honesty Box' scheme that protects your sale. Click below to see how it works.


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Switching Is Easy

Switching agents is usually easy - and we can offer help and advice. If you want to learn more about what we can do differently for you, see our 'Why Choose Us' page for more information.


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